"Touch" is a short film about an agoraphobic woman  who is visited by an old friend 

Touch  trailer 
Touch_PosterFinal (2).png
Full short film 

"Soomin" premiered at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival and won the Audience Award! "Soomin" has also been selected at Pride Films and Plays Festival,

and Los Angeles Cinefest. 

You Have Such A Nice Face

In an Uber ride from hell, Mari reflects on the recent advice her friends have given her, good and bad, about her ongoing relationship with a problematic guy. 

"Daniel & Elliot"

"Daniel & Elliot is a short film I made about two men on a first date trying to connect with    each other. 

Mormon Holiday

"Mormon Holiday" is a   Christmas short I made at the end of 2018. It's about Jess, a young Mormon questioning her faith   in the church, while still trying to enjoy her family's  Christmas eve traditions. She gets locked out of her apartment  and knocks on her neighbor's door for help.  

This is a story about casserole, Christmas, and two very different women becoming friends. 

"Hands" is one of  my first  short films. I had an accident at my restaurant job, where I was setting up the patio for my AM shift, carrying a heavy bench, and I slipped and fell. The bench crushed my middle finger and amputated the tip.
So, I made a short about it!

"Bed Bugs" is a short about a down and out character dealing with a bed bug infestation.  "Bed Bugs" premiered at the LA Comedy Fest 2018. Starring myself, Roger Carnow, and Soomin Chun.

Bed Bugs


"Chatroom" is a short film  about two women who grew up talking to each other every night online. Now in their twenties, they meet up in person for the first time. Written  and directed with my old friend Sarah Harper.


"Birthday" was an experiment where my partner and I filmed each other in his backyard. It's a fun little short about a couple getting ready for a BBQ.