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I’m Emma Thatcher, a filmmaker, photographer, actor, sister, and lover of country music, westerns, sweeping vistas, and my two cats. I have a humanistic, holistic, collaborative, and improvisational approach to filmmaking.  I wrote, directed, edited, and starred in my first feature, Provo, a story about an ex-Mormon’s road trip to Utah to reckon with her past. 

I received a BFA in Drama at NYU Tisch and won the Outstanding Achievement Award upon graduation. During my wayward post grad years, I began synthesizing my love of film photography and creative writing by making dozens of micro-budget short films. A few went to festivals; Soomin won the Audience Award at San Francisco Independent Film Festival, but many will thankfully stay buried on an old hard drive and never see the light of day. 


I’m currently seeking representation as a writer/director, and I am always on the hunt for funding & exciting collaborations.

P.S. I almost became a reality TV star when I was a finalist for Issae Rae’s Project Greenlight on HBO!


Reach out!

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